Geofun – a game like no other

GEOFUN is a sophisticated mobile application for Android and iOS smartphones that will guide participants in a fun and competitive way through the most interesting places in the region. The game is based on the popular phenomenon of geocaching, but is more action-packed and adventurous. It is basically an entertaining geolocation game for the new generation in which finding the location and “checking in” is not enough, because you also need to complete various tasks that the guide will assign to you throughout the course of the game. Your tour guide is always a local who knows the given city or region perfectly and can offer excellent recommendations.

How to play: Take your Android or iOS smartphone and download the free GEOFUN application from the respective app store (Play, AppStore). After installation and a quick registration process, the geofun (task) list will display a game called “Moravská Třebová Princess” (“Moravskotřebovká princezna”). Download this to your smartphone. Now you no longer need to be connected to the internet—all you need to do is have the app on when you arrive at the game's starting point, which is the municipal museum. Once you get there, the application will recognise that you are in the right place based on your GPS coordinates, and your adventure can begin.

Your tour guide through Moravská Třebová will be Princess Hereret. Other points of interest included in the game are the Renaissance château, Křížový vrch Hill, T. G. Masaryk Square, the Gate of Time, as well as the nearby Hřebeč Mining Trails. And don’t forget about the various rewards, rankings and competitions for everyone who joins the game.

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