Knížecí louka Recreation Complex

The complex is divided into two sections: sports and relaxation The sports areas of the complex include an in-line track for skaters that is 1,800 m long and 3 m wide. The relaxation area is dominated by a newly-built bio-centre with a system of ponds partially interconnected by the newly shaped Třebůvka riverbed, with countless meanders. Both areas are linked by a 700 m long cycling trail that serves as a safe way for cyclists to travel between Brněnská and Gorazdova streets. Standing tall over Knížecí louka to the south is the Pastýřka lookout tower, and to the east is the Calvary statue series and the Renaissance château. If you look to the north, you will see the cupola of the Baroque Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the historical town hall tower.

Knížecí louka offers countless options for spending your leisure time outdoors right in the heart of the city!

We wish you many pleasant experiences spent at the Knížecí louka Recreation Complex!

Photo gallery from the Afternoon of Fun at Knížecí louka (10/10/2015)