Pastýřka Lookout Tower

Rozhledna Pastýřka
The lookout tower's grand opening took place on 20 July 2009. After one hundred years, the site of the former lookout tower bearing the name of Prince Johann Liechtenstein is once again home to a tall structure. The new lookout tower rising proudly from Pastvisko Hill at 516 metres above sea level was designed by Moravská Třebová native Jan Škoda. Sketches of the lookout tower are by Antonín Olšina, who designed the famous Dobře ukytá rozhledna Járy Cimrmana (Jára Cimrman’s Well-Hidden Lookout Tower) in Březová nad Svitavou. Pastýřka is a wooden tower with a steel spiral staircase and reinforced concrete foundations. The lookout tower is 27 meters tall and the lookout platform is 25 metres above ground. Visitors who climb to the top of the tower are rewarded with a view of Moravská Třebová and the surrounding area, the Orlické hory Mountains, Bukova hora Mountain, the Jeseníky Mountains, the Králický Sněžník massif and the Zábřežská vrchovina Highlands.

Access routes to the Pastýřka Lookout Tower over Moravská Třebová:

  • shortest route:

from the town square, take Bránská Street along the red tourist route to Písek, and continue along Dvroní Street beneath the ski slopes. Take a left turn onto the dirt road and, after a mildly steep ascent, you will arrive at a forest. Continue uphill alongside the forest until you reach the “Pod Pastvoskem” turn-off, and turn right into the forest. Continue along the red tourist route and forest road with a gentler incline until you reach the top of Pastvisko Hill and the lookout tower. This route from the town square is 2.5 km.

  • easiest route:

from the town square, take the green tourist route (together with the red route to Písek), and continue along Jevíčská Street past the military school, where you will cross to the right after the car park onto a forest road that leads through the valley to a spring at “Peklo.” Then turn right onto the red route and take another right turn at the “Nad Peklem” crossroads toward Mor. Třebová. After approx. 500 metres, take a gentle climb to the top of Pastvisko Hill to the lookout tower. This easier route from the town square is approx. 3.5 km

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